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Football and Rugby Clubs rely on income derived from home games and when the weather impacts on the club`s ability to play games then the loss of revenue can have a negative effect on the cash flow of the business. Revenue from match-day tickets, catering, corporate hospitality and sponsorship are all lost when games are cancelled.


Clubs who struggle regularly to ensure that matches go ahead when the wet weather strikes now have a solution. PCD. PCD can be installed across the whole pitch or can be installed in quarters dealing with any affected areas. They can also deal with their problem NOW, rather than wait until the end of the playing season. PCD`s non-disruptive installation means that clubs can install without losing any further valuable revenue as a result of cancelling matches to sort out drainage issues.

PCD can be installed at a greatly reduced cost in comparison to traditional drainage installations for sports fields and because of the non-disruptive installation the playing surface remains intact and  the installation time is almost halved. 


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