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A unique drainage product that is an innovation in soil drainage technology that sets the standard for the 21st century.

Rainfall in relative amounts is always welcome by professionals tasked with maintaining greens ,tees, fairways and surrounding turf or with public parks/spaces and playing fields. However when the levels of rainfall get excessive or the existing ground conditions fail to deal with it then you will inevitably end up with a series of problems that will affect the revenue stream of your club or facility.
PCD  has been designed specifically to deal with this challenge not only from the technical perpsective but also from a cost/benefit perpsective.
The stainless steel mesh core removes large amounts of water quickly using the dual gravity flow and capillary attraction method. The end result is a system that drains fast and continues to wick away excess soil moisture after the rainfall has stopped. PCD follows the natural contours of the green and can be installed only where the problem exists. Overall it will help improve turf health in chronically wet soils.
PCD is the only system that can be pulled into a golf green at narrow spacings to provide a more efficient drainage system. A single green can typically be installed in a day with play commencing immediately upon completion with minimal disruption to the putting surface. No trenching, no lifting/stripping off the turf and no significant long term maintenance required. 
Compared to the traditionally recognised methods of drainage PCD provides a greater surface drainage co-efficient, costs less, has minimal disruption with no surface needing to be de-commissioned as part of the installation and significantlly revenue is not affected in the short term but will be increased in the long term with consistency of the playing surfaces and happier club members and guests.
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