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Aqua-terra Europe


Given the ever increasing changes in our global climate and the extremes in weather we are now experiencing, one of the biggest challenges facing green-keepers, groundsmen/women and ground staff throughout the industry today is to keep the playing fields, greens, tees, fairways, parks and public spaces, open for business and play. If it`s closed it`s not generating income and that can hurt any business, sports club, golf club, Local Authority etc regardless of the size of the enterprise.

There are a number of factors that can influence wether or not a surface is fit for purpose and can be played upon but perhaps the most challenging is when the surface is water-logged or sodden and any sort of activity on it becomes impossible. The key to resolving this is good drainage. Not only at the time when the rain is falling but also in the minutes and hours after the rain has stopped. The solution.................


PASSIVE CAPILLARY DRAINAGE or PCD for short. PCD has been rolled out in the USA and Canada by SubAir and has been a massive success already with installations on over 50 different golf courses. It was this growing success story that prompted Aqua-Terra Europe to secure the exclusive distribution rights for PCD for Asia and Europe and we have already been commissioned for projects in Scandinavia for Spring 2014 as well as early commissions for courses in the UK following our first successful installation at Abbeydale Golf Club. We have offices in Scotland and England and offer nationwide coverage. Every site/project is assessed and designed by us to ensure the maximum benefit from a PCD installation is achieved.


 Please scroll through our website and see the benefits of PCD and how it can ensure your revenue streams stay constant and your members and users stay happy and satisfied

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